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Helen M. Stevens, S.W.A.  Textile Artist


Over the years, Helen has written a total of twelve embroidery books, which have been published in a variety of editions and languages.  The first, The Embroiderers' Countryside, appeared in 1992 to be followed by another five titles in the "Inspirational" series and six in the "Masterclass" series.  Sadly, some titles are now out of print, but may often be found on Amazon and Ebay.  There follows a list of titles, together with a brief description of content.  Cover images may vary dependent upon edition.

The Embroiderer's Countryside

Helen's first book introduced readers to her own unique concept of capturing the countryside in pure silk embroidery - in a way that reflected not only the beauty of the subject matter but also the medium of "True Embroidery". 

The Embroiderer's Country Album

Hot on the heels of the Embroiderer's Countryside, the Country Album invited readers to explore buildings and landscapes.  From country cottages to ancient ruins, textures, tone and new techniques were explained and demonstrated.

Helen M. Stevens' World of Embroidery

Helen's World of Embroidery is a magical place.  Traversing continents, the sights and history of nations and peoples, animals, birds and their habitats come to life through her unique insights and abilities.  As in all her books, practical details are to be found throughout, and in a specialized section at the back,