Animals Animals Otter and young Mother love! 200535335 Otter with fish - nearly got him! 200535336 Harvest mouse 200535337 Bengal tiger 200535338 Hamsters ... and sweet peas 200535339 Hedgehog ... with autumn fruits 200535340 Dormouse ... snoozing in honeysuckle blossom! 200535341 Harvest mouse, honeysuckle ... ... and holly blue butterfly 200535342 Dormouse This design is one of Helen's downloadable e-patterns. Check out the page. 200535343 Field mouse 200535344 Giraffe "Gorgeous George" the giraffe is a downloadable pattern - 12.00 from Vivebooks. Buy direct from the link on the e-patterns age. 200535345 Field Mouse ... another design available to download from Vivebooks, Mr. Mousie is one of Helen's most popular characters. 200535346 Polar Bears Available as a downloadable e-pattern 200535347 Snow Leopard The majestic snow leopard, with added sequins and spun silk 200535348 Stoat ... in his summer coat, with dandelion clock 200535349 Amur Leopard This image is the core design in Helen's 2016 exhibition "Curtain Call". See the exhibitions page 200535484 Wood mouse ... with poppy and corn 200535485 Wild boar piglet 200535486 Black cat 200535487 Elvis ... The "hound dog". 200535488 Fennex Fox North African fox of the deserts 200535489 Rabbits 200535490 Ragnar Helen's late cat, Ragnar Hairybritches, was quite the star, appearing many times in her books! 200535491 Grey Squirrel Sometimes you just want to curl up in a ball ... 200535492 Racehorse Miniature - silver frame 4 inches in diameter 200535493 Running hare .. mystic hare and the moon 200535494 Sea Otters Detail from a commission sent to Canada 200535495 Tess A portrait of a much loved pet 200535496 Badgers 200535497 Duck billed platypus ... inspired by Helen's many teaching tours to Australia 200535498 Many mice! 200535499 Meerkats 200535500