Birds Birds Blue tit Blue tit in flight 200535195 Great tit 200535196 Great Crested Grebe ... with chick in her back 200535197 Long tailed tit 200535198 Love bird Pink faced love with appropriately with a passion flower! 200535199 Nightingale 200535200 Blue tits Two young fledgling chicks. 200535201 Crested tit On figured natural cotton 200535202 Kingfishers ... Helen's signature bird, the kingfisher is a glorious coloured bird, here with it's young chick and a dragonfly. 200535203 Blackbird In the snow 200535204 Kestrel Wings spread in flight 200535205 House martin ... and bumble bee 200535206 Wren One of the smallest of British birds 200535207 Bald Eagle Emblem of the United States of America 200535208 House sparrow Male, with his charming little black "bib" 200535209 Riby throated hummingbird With trumpet flowers 200535210 Green woodpecker Largest of the British woodpeckers 200535211 Peacock This image is a detail from the cover of an issue of "Inspirations" magazine 200535212 Humming bird With hot house fuschias 200535213 Osprey The fish eagle - with prey 200535214 American redpoll One of the world's many finches 200535215